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The founders of Crystal Kingdoms met over 3 years ago through a well known video game called Runescape, the Oldschool version to be specific. After years of business and friendship, they became increasingly aware of the NFT/P2E space.
After being burned by so many scam projects, like many others, they decided that there was an opportunity to create a game that could change people's lives within the Play2 Earn space. Spencer has been in the internet marketing industry for over 5 years, running his own company and has spent most of his life playing games in his spare time. Involved in cryptocurrency since back in late 2017, his experience has become a great asset to the development of Crystal Kingdoms. Gabe created a well known Runescape servicing company that has given jobs to and supported many people from around the world. He also managed an IT company in Los Angeles that was very successful. Both Spencer and Gabe became excited with the idea that people all over the world could generate income for themselves by playing video games, and for some, this can be very substantial.
Creating these opportunities for others quickly went from idea to action and the creation of Crystal Kingdoms began. Spencer and Gabe plan to use their skills and passion for gaming, coupled with their passion for helping others, to build a long-term sustainable project that will change lives!
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