Crystal Kingdoms
Crystal Kingdoms Characters
In-Game Characters
The initial 4000 characters released from the Crystals of Time will consist of 4 common heroes, and 4 separate 1st-edition heroes.
The 1st-edition heroes will be released from 1st-edition Crystals of Time, which have a 5% chance of mint. Each Crystal minted will come with a plot of land.
The second mint cycle of heroes will consist of 10,000 heroes. You can mint with either SCS/CKG or proxy BNB, which will directly buy the SCS/CKG token and then mint your hero with the SCS/CKG. These heroes will not come with any land.
Crystal Kingdoms Heroes: 1. The Knight 2. The Archer 3. The Rogue 4. The Magician 5. The Paladin 6. The Warlock 7. The Druid 8. The Monk
Hero contracts:
Heroes V1 - 0x207D3bbF0fF14A51e2b80c4AE9F3b47d9515C174
Heroes V2 - 0xe30AB88d9087a8190Cc20918281C0BcA6898100b
Crystal Kingdoms Knight
Crystal Kingdoms Archer
Crystal Kingdoms Rogue
Crystal Kingdoms Magician
Crystal Kingdoms Paladin
Crystal Kingdoms Warlock
Crystal Kingdoms Druid
Crystal Kingdoms Monk
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