Crystal Kingdoms
Game Features
Crystal Kingdoms gameplay will be an interactive board game where each hero you own will receive dice rolls daily. The board will be randomly generated each day for each hero, creating a unique tile layout. Tiles landed on will determine what event will occur.
Example events include: player vs monster battles, tiles that will move your hero forward/backwards on the board, interactive minigames, team battles which will require 4 heroes, death tiles, and an auto win tile.
You will need to complete the board for that day, per hero, in order to receive your rewards. If you fail to complete the board in the amount of rolls given then you will not receive any rewards for that day. You must wait until the next day, 24 hours from starting, to begin playing again.
In order to start playing you will need 1 Crystal of Time which will release 1 hero back into the Kingdom. You will use this hero to complete your daily board.
There will be 4 common heroes, these will be released from the 4 colored Crystals. There will be 4 1st-edition heroes, these will be released from the 1st-edition Crystals.
As your hero levels up with experience gained from battles, their health and damage will increase.
Each class of hero will have a tier ranking, ranging from 1-3 with 3 being the most rare. To increase your heroes tier rank, you will need to fuse 2 of the same heroes in order to create 1 hero with a higher tier. 2 tier 1 heroes will fuse into a tier 2 hero. 2 tier 2 heroes will fuse into a tier 3 hero. Higher tier heroes will have extra rolls on the board per day which will increase earning potential.
Rewards will scale with level and rarity. Battles will have a percent-based chance of winning which will be determined by an algorithm within the smart contract.
Rewards will range from tokens, weapons/armor, and jewelry like magic amulets and rings.
Magic amulets and rings are rare items that offer bonuses such as 2x rewards or 2x experience.
If you receive a rare item, you will not receive token reward. Rare items will also have percent-based chances of success rate for their specific purpose.
For example, a rare item that offers 2x rewards might only have a 20% chance of success. This will help sustain the rewards pool and growth of the game.
We will be updating gameplay as we make progress on the game. These updates will include boss fights, new rewards, and new minigames.
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