How To Play
1) Visit our game at: 2) Connect and sign your metamask wallet on the Binance Smart Chain main net 3) Let the game load, then click 'sync wallet'. This will populate the game with all the heroes you own in your connected wallet
4) Select a hero and click the 'play' button The game will begin and your hero will appear on a randomly generated board with a different variety of board tiles, including: -minigame tiles -forward/backwards tiles -dungeon tiles -death tiles -win tiles Math Minigame Objective - answer all questions right to proceed on the board Crystal Crush Minigame Objective - match 3 or more of the same matching assets by left-clicking and dragging, repeat until progress bar is completed Memory Match Minigame Objective - find and match the pairs, repeat until progress bar is completed Forwards/Backwards Tiles These will either move you 1 spot forwards or 1 spot backwards Dungeon Tile Objective - defeat all the spiders in the dungeon without dying Death Tile Instant loss, no rewards given
Win Tile Instant win, rewards are given and board is completed for the day
Menu Button If you click on this, you will return to the lobby but the timer for your hero will start. Going back to the menu counts as your heroes turn for the day
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