Crystal Kingdoms
In a magical land far, far away, known as the Crystal Kingdoms, fairies, elves and other mystical creatures lived in harmony ruled by a wise and generous King and Queen.
Everything was in abundance for the magical creatures of this land, and everyone was happy and prosperous.
However, in a nearby dark kingdom, on one dark day, a brutal and jealous king consumed by greed declared war on the Crystal Kingdoms.
Using his dark magic and evil sage armies, he laid waste to the Crystal Kingdoms, claiming their wealth and spreading chaos far and wide.
The evil king called upon ‘The Ancients’ for help during his conquest, and with the powerful dark magic contained by these wicked beasts, catastrophe was unleashed.
The king lost control over 'The Ancients' and had to go into hiding to save himself. However the rest of the Kingdom wasn't as lucky.
All the magical and mystical creatures inside the Crystal Kingdoms were sealed away by the Ancients' dark magic. Frozen solid in Crystals of Time, everything and everyone came to a standstill.
But wait…Listen closely. Inside these Crystals you will hear a faint knocking. *Knock…knock…knock.*
What could this be? Is there still hope?
Perhaps you can still save the kind generous king and the magical Crystal Kingdoms from this dark and ancient magic?
It’s time to use your powers and skills to battle your way to wealth and prestige in this new online RPG fantasy metaverse and save the beauty of the Crystal Kingdoms!
Will you save the Kingdom from eternal doom and darkness?
Cave of Wonders
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