Crystal Kingdoms


The main reason for using an oracle is to maintain a healthy economy, balancing minting and rewards around a set dollar value. As Crystal Kingdoms grows, the $SCS and $CKG token prices will fluctuate daily. The oracle constantly updates based on current token prices. Since $CKG is a limited supply token, the oracle will also help properly distribute rewards without destroying the rewards pool.
The oracle will ensure rewards are consistent to a set dollar value, which can be updated on the smart contract. The oracle also sets minting costs to a set dollar value, which can also be updated on the smart contract. For example, if we set the minting price to $100/hero, the oracle will constantly update to make sure the price to mint with tokens matches $100.
Ultimately this leads to a balanced and more sustainable model where players can accurately determine input vs output, regardless of the $CKG/$SCS token prices.


The purpose of our oracle is to balance the $CKG and $SCS rewards gained through gameplay and staking, and the minting costs.
For example, if the prices of $CKG and $SCS increase, the following will happen:
  • Minting heroes will cost less $CKG and $SCS
  • Daily rewards will be reduced to keep the same dollar value as the previous day
  • Fusing will cost less $CKG and $SCS
If token prices decrease in value, then the opposite of the above will happen.


BNB Oracle - 0x9f5A47FbB55214fe482e62E1c821569663eE2211
OraclePair SCS - 0x9dc7232d942d2331F1aFf4678D79AA06A3FeE414
OraclePair CKG - 0x50412CEd6D9c2Da24E17C6B9f069FA8e125e45F3
SCS Oracle - 0x130d7903ac2BCCCF880C9f9f1153C9de594EEaF2
CKG Oracle - 0x30896c3b5a4A2c1D53A3af2de4192702eb84F2d1
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