How To Mint Crystals (Mobile)
Guide to Minting Your Crystals of Time On Mobile
Step 1) Open up your MetaMask mobile app and make sure you are connected to the Binance Smart Chain network. Then click on the 'hamburger' icon to open up the menu.
Step 2) Now that the menu bar is opened, go ahead and click on 'Browser' to open your MetaMask browser.
Step 3) Enter the Crystal Kingdoms' mint page URL in the search bar.
Step 4) Once on the minting page, click on the 'hamburger' icon to open up the menu. The check to make sure your correct BNB address is connected, if not yet connected the button will show 'Connect Wallet'. Click on that to connect to your wallet.
Once connected you will be able to mint just like on your computer. If you need anymore help, please refer to:
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