Crystal Kingdoms
Game Development Roadmap
Crystal Kingdoms has a 3 phase roadmap for the the stages of development of the game. This is shown below and will be continuously updated.
We plan to continually build and improve the Crystal Kingdoms game until all features we want to implement are completed for a fully functioning game.
Phase 1
  • Website build and launch
  • Graphic design of characters and NFTs
  • Launch social
  • Marketing plan
  • Public NFT launch for game build
  • Game design and tokenomics
Phase 2
  • Audit contract
  • Marketing/Pre-sale
  • Public launch on PancakeSwap
  • Coingecko / Coinmarketcap listing
  • Play To Earn game launch
  • Influencer marketing
Phase 3
  • Scholarships
  • Player vs Player mode launch
  • Staking / Liquidity
  • Release new characters
  • Release power-ups / new items
  • Expand team
  • Crystal Kingdoms Nation
  • Partnership Expansion
  • Mobile game
  • More exchanges
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