Crystal Kingdoms
Team Members
The Crystal Kingdom Team
Spencer Reed - Co-Founder (retired) 10+ years of experience in video gaming industry. 5+ years experience in online marketing. Pavel Henderson - Game Developer & Co-Founder Master of C# and Unity platform. With over 10 years of coding and design experience, spent first 3 years as a software developer building a strong foundation by replicating the Unity engine from scratch.
Gabe Montero - Co-Founder (retired) 12+ years of experience in video game industry. 10+ years as leading service provider for many top MMORPGs developers.
Olalekan Johnson - Blockchain Developer A proficient blockchain engineer with 15+ years of experience in software engineering and 9+ years in blockchain development. Proficient in Blockchain and Web3 technologies, DeFi, and Cloud Computing. Written and deployed over 100 Smart Contracts on diverse EVM networks.
Johnnie Odell - Web Designer 16+ years in web design, specializing in wordpress and SEO. Levi Harrington - Blockchain Developer 6+ years of experience as a software engineer, has worked on a dozen NFT/blockchain projects across multiple chains. Ruslan Emry - Backend Developer 7+ years experience in backend development. Specializing in AWS/Python. Wesley Yanez - 3D Designer 5+ years experience creating 3D models/assets. Specializing in Unity production.
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