Crystal Kingdoms (CKG)
Governance Token
Crystal Kingdoms (CKG) will be one of the two tokens for Crystal Kingdoms. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, CKG will be a capped token with a 5,000,000 max supply. 100,000 CKG tokens will be minted upon initial release for liquidity. Future token released into supply will be earned from daily gameplay, but not limited to gameplay. More into will be released.
CKG will be needed in game 1 of Crystal Kingdoms, but it will also be needed in games 2 and 3.
Crystal Kingdoms tokens will be used for: minting new heroes/crystals, fusing, and trading in the marketplace!
Token Tracker: Crystal Kingdoms (CKG)
Token Supply: 5,000,000 max supply, earned and burned in-game.
Where to Buy: PancakeSwap V2 or Poocoin
Token Symbol:
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