Shining Crystal Shard (SCS)
Unlimited Supply Token
Shining Crystal Shard (SCS) will be one of the two tokens for Crystal Kingdoms. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, SCS will be an unlimited supply token with 500k tokens minted upon initial release. Future token released into supply will be earned from daily gameplay.
Our plan with SCS is to always create a higher demand than the current supply, which will give the token value. SCS will be needed in game 1 of Crystal Kingdoms, but it will also be needed in games 2 and 3.
Shining Crystal Shard tokens will be used for: minting new heroes/crystals, fusing, trading in the marketplace for items, heroes, supplies, skins, cosmetics, rerolls and much more!
Token Tracker: Shining Crystal Shard (SCS)
Token Supply: Unlimited, earned and burned in-game.
Where to Buy: PancakeSwap V2 or Poocoin
Token Symbol:
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