This will be a basic introduction to what we have planned for the token system and economy. We will introduce more details as time goes on, after we do some polling and adjustments. We are working on creating a long-term, exciting project that has a sustainable economy, all while offering new and fun community driven content!
• We will be using a Dual Token system for the first version of the game.
• Both tokens will be earned from gameplay.
• To keep the economy deflationary, if the next mint cycle will be for 8,000 new Crystals, during this period we will only release enough token into supply to fill half of the mint cycle demand.
• Token #1 (Shining Crystal Shard) will have an unlimited supply, also known as inflationary. We want this token to be earned in-game only to avoid manipulation in the early stages of the game. This will allow the token’s value to increase organically based on the game’s growth and burning features.
• Token #2 (Crystal Kingdoms) will have a limited supply, also known as deflationary. This token will have burn features, but will also be given out in much smaller amounts as part of the rewards system.
• Both tokens will have burning mechanisms including to but not limited to: Fusing/upgrading heroes, minting heroes, foraging for crystals, marketplace fees, as well as additional concepts that will be introduced over time. We will let the community poll on some of these ideas to get the best system possible. Our goal is to create multiple needs for both tokens.
• We will introduce the ability to upgrade or fuse your heroes. The idea behind this will be to maintain a base value for your heroes as well as introduce useful burn features that are incentivized. Upgrading/fusing will allow your character to evolve into a more powerful hero which will have additional earning features as well as increased hero rarity.
• Ultimately Crystal Kingdoms will be released through 3 different game iterations. Game 1 will be a simple board game that has unique mechanics to ensure long-term health of the economy. Game 2 will be an AARPG/Dungeon Crawler. Game 3 will be an open world MMORPG metaverse with quests, mini-games, and monsters to defeat! Each version of the game will require both tokens to play, which will create a long-term demand and vision for both. As each version is completed and released, we will update you on the next! We are currently working with an economist and mathematician/statistician to ensure proper layout of economy.
We are aware of the issues that play2earn games face with depleting rewards pools so we want to get ahead of them before releasing anything concrete.
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