Crystal Kingdoms
What Is Crystal Kingdoms?
Crystal Kingdoms is an ever expanding P2E Fantasy MMORPG/AARPG/Online Turn based game that is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain.
Crystal Kingdoms will be hosted on the Binance Smart Chain which offers a fast and trusted platform. The game will be a tokenized fantasy style metaverse that leverages the unique features of Non-Fungible Tokens with ERC721 standards. Crystal Kingdoms will release multiple iterations of the game, with each one being more complex than the last.
Version 1 of Crystal Kingdoms will be an interactive board game which includes a balanced economy to sustain rewards. We plan to control growth by limiting mint cycles to ensure longterm health of the game.
We will never release more tokens per mint cycle than are needed to mint the new heroes. This ensures a demand and need for the tokens.
Version 2 of the Crystal Kingdoms game will be an AARPG/Dungeon Crawler style game. You will need tokens from Version 1 of Crystal Kingdoms in order to play and earn in Version 2.
The final version of the game will be an incredible 3D MMORPG that offers fun for any type of gamer, and of course offers rewards for those seeking to earn from gaming.
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