Crystal Kingdoms
Why Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?
Why We Will Use BSC
The Binance Smart Chain is a popular choice for building DApps and tokens as opposed to the Ethereum network with its transactions costing high gas fees.
Although they look very similar, BSC offers cheaper and faster transactions making it ideal for Play2Earn games compared to very high gas fees on the Ethereum network.
Thus the Ethereum network makes it very challenging to create a sustainable game model. Despite the young age of the Binance Smart Chain, it shows positive signs of continued growth that is set to continue indefinitely.
As of June 2021, BSC recorded more than double the amount of active addresses than on Ethereum. The main reason for this is due to the lower transaction fees and faster confirmation times.
It's much quicker and much more cost efficient for users to move their funds and interact with smart contracts on the BSC.
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